Our Mission

There are many echoes in the earth, but there is only One Voice – it is the Voice of Many Waters – our Father God Jehovah.

God desires us that we hear His voice and repeat what He says in the earth because the world is crying for answers. In reality, He wants to use your voice. But what could you possibly say if you do not hear God’s voice?

Because of this, One Voice International Ministries was designed as a helps ministry to equip and train.

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Dr. Nina frequently appears on Sunday Down South to share her teachings, revelations, and experiences on various topics.

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What People Say About Our Ministry…

This is a wonderful ministry that has extended their works in Liberia, West Africa for the past several years.  We are ever blessed and will always remember their support.  Their vision of Samuel’s Call gave birth to our Samuel’s Call School for Orphans that is helping to training them up in the Lord Jesus today.
Bishop Joshua

I enjoyed your web site very much and have saved it in my favorites so I can bring it up when I need a lift.
Pat S.

Hello!  I first heard you at Soul Harvest Crusade in Memphis, TN and was so touched by your music.  I haven’t heard anyone sing and worship unto the Lord like that in a long time.  I would like to know more about Davidic Worship.
Gwen M.


While attending Dr. Gardner’s Bible classes, I was overwhelmed with her keen knowledge of the Word and relationship with God.  It caused me to be a better Christian and walk by faith in God.  Those teachings played a huge part in me learning about the All Mighty God and how powerful He is!
Carolyn P.

One Voice Ministries has always been as supportive of a ministry that I have ever known.  They do more than just meet the surface, but they provide a deeper support in prayer, fasting, and authentic concern.  It is a blessing to minister alongside of them.
Pastor Timothy